Posted under by Jay Singh on Monday 14 December 2009 at 11:09 pm

Environmental Protection & Recycling

Due to the rapid changes in technology that occur daily, we are seeing the materials of yesterday become obsolete at an increasingly fast pace. The inappropriate and hazardous handling of end-of-life electronics, including improper landfill techniques, has increased the momentum and awareness for federal legislation governing the responsible disposal of these materials.

Whether you are searching for an electronic waste provider or a company to handle all your waste management needs, you can count on BestBuys Trading to have the industry knowledge and experience to provide fast, efficient and sustainable solutions for all your recycling needs. 

Restart the New Life of your End-of-Life Electronics, Environmentally.

With an EPA permitted facility and process, BestBuys Trading diverts electronic waste from landfill by performing unparalleled material recovery and recycling tasks. Our specially designed process empowers us to achieve over 98% recycling rate and optimal material recovery value.

We also understand the importance of data and product security to our clients and control and monitor our facility security through the following process:

  1. In-and-Out Check Control
  2. Employee Background Check
  3. Asset Chain of Custody Record

At the end of the recycling process, our customers receive both standard and customized reports completely documenting key information of Destruction. These documents demonstrate how their products are processed, making it easy for our customers to finalize their accounting functions for end-of-life assets. Our detailed reports also serve as critical documents for any internal or external audits. Please fill in the Contact Form describing your asset recovery needs or call BestBuys Trading Co at 321-220-3535.