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Services provided

Recycle with Confidence

BestBuys Trading LLC maximizes the value of systems, components, and parts for reuse, which means a new start for electronics that have come to the end of their life while helping to look after the environment through a zero-landfill policy.

Products Recycled:

  1. Computers,
  2. Computer Monitors,
  3. Laptop Computers,
  4. Notebook Computers,
  5. Computer Towers,
  6. Servers,
  7. Keyboards,
  8. Mouse.

Our Management understands the hassle and cost of dealing with unwanted end-of-life electronics. As a result, BestBuys Trading Co has developed flexible, tailored programs to always fit your needs.

Our Electronic Waste Recycling services include:

End-of-Life Electronics Recycling Product Destruction
Dumping electronics in the landfill is harmful to the environment and is prohibited by law. Items such as computers, are collected, inspected, remarketed or dismantled at our facilities. This service is specifically designed for electronic device manufactures to deal with their returned, outdated or recalled products. Our security control will free you from worrying whether your product is returned to the gray markets.
Asset Tag Removal Return Management
Our Asset Tag Removal services help organizations manage their discarded and retired electronic assets. The Asset Tags are returned to clients for accounting asset write-offs. Our detailed reports are also critical documents for any internal or external audit. Our Return Management Services are designed to meet the market needs. At the end of the process, our customers receive complete reports documenting key information such as model number, serial number, action performed, material breakdown categories, weight, value and final disposition
Cost-Effective Logistics and Pick-Ups Parts Retrieval and Recovery
Transporting unwanted electronic waste can be cumbersome and costly. We provide cost-effective pick up and logistics services to our clients through contracted logistics providers to our clients. Many valuable parts are reusable and can be retrieved from scrap devices. Such service can help prevent waste of resource and energies.
Remarketing / Redeployment Circuit Board Precious Metal Recovery
One person’s scrap is sometimes another person’s treasure. We believe in fair market recovery of your IT asset and where possible, remarketing your unwanted electronic devices. Circuit boards and other electronic components contain high value precious metals, such as gold, silver, etc. BestBuys Trading Co works with smelters to help recover the precious metals from such components.
Data Sanitization and Destruction Charitable Donations
Several levels of data sanitization are available:

  1. Data Erasing and Overwriting
  2. Hard Drive Degaussing and Demagnetizing
  3. Hard Drive Destruction and Shredding
Best Buys Trading, LLC. assists with the donation of reusable technology to local and national charities. Like our Redeployment program, we configure, upgrade and ship equipment to chosen organizations. A report is provided to the donating party for tax and record purposes.